HDI Support Center Online Self Evaluation

You asked and we answered! HDI has upgraded this tool in an effort to address some enhancement requests from our members. The current HDI Support Center Self-Evaluation tool has been replaced by the all-new HDI Support Center Self-Assessment, which boasts the following enhancements:
  • You may now use the tool off-line
  • The tool can be used by other members of your team
  • The data collected is confidential and you have full control over who can access it
  • Minimal to no training is required to use this tool
  • The tool aligns with the most recent HDI Support Center Standard

Get the new HDI Support Center Self-Assessment today!

For your convenience, and to help with the transition, access to the original HDI Support Center Self-Evaluation seen on this page will remain available until December 31, 2014, and will then be discontinued. We highly recommend you switch to the new HDI Support Center Self-Assessment as soon as possible.

The HDI Support Center Self-Evaluation is an online tool that can help you compare your support center to the HDI Support Center Standard. Discover what you're doing well and identify areas where you can improve. Support centers pursuing HDI Support Center Certification can use this tool to direct their audit preparation activities.

The Self-Evaluation is free for HDI members with a Professional (previously Gold) membership or higher. Others may purchase a one-year subscription for $500.

To access the HDI Support Center Self-Evaluation, log into the website and start your self-evaluation.

Request more information , contact your account manager , or call 1.800.248.5667.

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